Sunday, 20 May 2012

Full nakedness! All joys are due to thee. (John Donne)

(Mark Arbeit)

(Ian Rankin)

(Aaron Hawks)

(Andreas Bitesnich)

(Lauren Bentley)

(Christian Coigny)

(Courtesy of The Fine Art Nude Network -> procrastination that makes me feel cultured.. I obviously don't actually know anything about these photographers... But I know I like the photos. I think there is way too much pressure to know about art. It makes it seem an elite thing.. off-putting... I'm sure more people would go to art galleries if they didn't have to worry about knowing. Knowing is such a frightening concept. "Do you know...?" Ugh. Nothing worse. I hate people who feel like they have to tell you everything they do know like they're doing you a favour. What dicks.Tour-guides and the like; that snooty friend who studied art-history (no, not you, Flora). Knowledge may well enhance appreciation but it should never, never be a requisite.
End of pretentious rant. Thank you for your time.)


  1. Jess Tomkinson21 May 2012 at 03:14

    Ha! I studied History of Art at AS so I could go to galleries and not feel *quite* so out of my depth. The only pal who'd go to galleries with me is now studying it at Cambridge - my plan failed. Jess xxxx

  2. We should go together and say things like: "This really reminds me of the Turner's expression of the infinitesimal nature of being and the minimalism of the soul in his early work." and "Wow, Mary's dress really clashes with Joseph's toga in that painting. What was Dali thinking?"