Thursday, 12 January 2012


Yumchaa is an incredible cafe in Camden Town about 5 minutes walk from the station. They have a collection of about a bajillion different herbal, green, white and black teas. This is perfect for my poor friend Flora who is allergic to caffeine. Since our friendship has always been centred around trips for coffee, we were concerned that this sudden allergy might throw a spanner in the works. But thank goodness for Yumchaa, where instead of nasty coffee we can have tea and bagels and cake. With loads of differently sized and coloured snuggly looking armchairs and tables of varying shapes and sizes (there is even an incredibly old looking velvet sofa) you can stay there pretty much all day. AND it even has wi-fi.

I got a carrot cake. That was crumbly and delicious as a carrot cake should be. But not at all dry. The worst sin a carrot cake can commit is to be dry, but this one was moist as well as crumblesome, and the icing was superb. The teas are scattered into lots of tiny tea-cups so that you can smell them all and pick the one you fancy. Slightly overwhelmed with choice I decided to abuse the poor girl behind the till. "WHAT IS THE BEST TEA!!" I exclaimed, fearing that I was holding up the one man queueing behind me with my indecision. After a slight conversation I decided to go for a tea called "Adventure"- because I'm a really adventurous person and all. It was divine. 

She had told me it would taste like harvest time and frolicking AND IT DID. I couldn't quite figure out what was in it. But it had a delicious apple-tang without being overly sweet.

Basically I seriously recommend.  Yum. (Chaa).

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