Wednesday, 25 January 2012

THE JOYOUS DONKEY (or is it a horse?)

I have finished my essay! Every time I finish an essay it just reminds me of how mentally unstable I am. BECAUSE IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING HAPPY. Like really bloody disproportionately so. I feel like I've just been accepted to read a degree in Fun at the University of Rainbowland. The fact that I have another one due in on Monday is just SO IRRELEVANT RIGHT NOW. Right now there are unicorns prancing through mid-air. Sliding down waterfally slides of bliss and singing happy songs of wonder! I feel like screaming FREEDOM from the rooftops Braveheart style. (I won't though, don't worry) But I might compose an opera, I could go to the shops, get some sweets, go on a swing, eat some food, watch tv. For now my essay is done and I can do anything in the world! Until Monday. But we are not thinking about that so shush.

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