Monday, 13 January 2014

A selection of exceptional Yiddish curses you should memorise

1. Finstere leyd zol nor di mama oyf im zen.
Black sorrow is all that his mother should see of him.

2. Khasene hobn zol er mit di malekh hamoves tokhter.
May he marry the daughter of the Angel of Death.

3. Shteyner zol zi hobn, nit kayn kinder.
May she have stones instead of children.

4. Fransn zol esn zayn layb.
Venereal disease should consume his body.

5. Vifil yor er iz gegangn oyf di fis zol er geyn af di hent un di iberike zol er zikh sharn oyf di hintn.
As many years as he’s walked on his feet, let him walk on his hands, and for the rest of the time let him crawl on his ass.

6. A groys gesheft zol er hobn mit shroyre: vus er hot, zol men bay im nit fregn, un vos men fregt zol er nisht hobn.
He should have a large store, and whatever people ask for he shouldn’t have, and what he does have shouldn’t be requested.

7. Ale tseyn zoln bay im aroysfaln, not eyner zol im blaybn oyf tsonveytung.
May all your teeth fall out except one, and from that may you have eternal toothache.

8. Vaksn zolstu vi a tsibele mitn kop in dr'erd!
May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground.

9. Ayin Kafin Yan
Go shit in the ocean. 

10. "Lign in drerd un bakn beygl!" 
May you lie in the ground, and bake bagels.

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