Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's crunch time: how Golden Wonder won me over

For many years I used to confuse Cheese & Onion with Salt & Vinegar. I would walk into newsagents, grab blue, then weep silently outside the shop, upon discovering the contents were not salty and delicious, but cheesy and awful. Recently, I had a revelation: GOLDEN WONDER. As I sat minding my own business on the tube, my train was boarded by a massive walking packet of green Cheese & Onion Golden Wonder crisps. The lively packet explained to me that back in the days before Walkers ruled, Cheese & Onion had always been green, and Salt & Vinegar, blue. Golden Wonder were on a mission to return crisps all over the world to the right coloured packets. They encouraged me to sign their online petition (evidently a crafty way to obtain my email address for future marketing ploys... nevermind) and to engage in their social media campaign wittily entitled, 'It's Crunch Time'.

I thought this was all absolute genius. The campaign absolutely caught my imagination and ingeniously relaunched Golden Wonder as a brand that can and should rival Walkers' place in the hierarchy of crispdom. Hoorah for Golden Wonder. Sign up here:

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