Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why Johnny Depp holding a puppy almost made me cry.

As a girl, I try not to be the type who transforms into a blathering dimwit when confronted with images of aesthetically pleasing male specimens- and pride myself on this fact. Unfortunately, this photo caused me to let myself down. As it appeared on my Facebook feed (posted by Poking Smot - - they post truly excellent photos daily, well worth a follow), I froze mid-thought and stared. I clicked. Yes, IT WAS REAL. The stunningly beautiful Mr. Depp was indeed tenderly and contentedly holding a small Spaniel puppy, as though it were a new born babe. With one eye-brow somewhat raised, his lips stretched into an almost-smile; he asserts his paternal prowess and he confirms his emotional depth with a gaze full of candid sentiment. Yes, it is true, he is wearing a fabulous striped polo-neck sweater, similar to one that I myself own. Of course, he smoulders. Of course, he is wearing not one watch, but two.

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