Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The worst things about involuntary holidays

I'm now two weeks into my four week break between internships. It is not going well. I am definitely one of those people who would prefer to be stressed out of my mind with multiple lengthy and looming lists of things to do-- than bored. These are the worst things about involuntary holidays:

1) Excruciating Boredom - I'm on level 2002 of Unblock Car. No word of a lie.

2) Having too little to do makes it hard to do anything. (Except play Unblock Car).

3) Loss of social skills - it is now normal not to speak to anybody other than family members for anything up to six days at a time.

3) Replacing friends with food. Because I'm always sitting in the kitchen.

5) Pent up creativity leads to really bad poetry-

Does anything rhyme with poem?
I'm sure somebody knows,
But I don't know'em.
I'll think of something myself,
And that will show them.
Or not.

... I joined a temp agency this morning.....

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