Monday, 20 February 2012


Hey team,

I haven't managed to blog in a while because I've been a bit of a stresspot of late. For those of you who haven't heard, I'm in my final year of uni now. My exams are in a couple of months and I need to sort my life out asap. Today, I went to my careers centre and a kindly woman made me feel better by telling me that I can just find a job after I graduate and stop worrying about it for a while. Here is a list of other things that make me feel better:

1) CHOCOLATE. Yeah, yeah I'm a fucking cliche of a female. But chocolate has endorphins or whatever and they make me happy.

2) Bubbles. Bubbles are awesome and I love it when they pop. I would have said bubble-baths rather than just bubbles but we don't get baths at uni, just delightful walk in showers with nasty tiles that make your feet hurt if you stay in for too long. But bubbles away from bathtubs are still delightful and make me feel joyous and free.

3) Doing outrageous things, like wearing your boots into the shower. I totally actually did that. I wore my big biker boots and took in my bed-sheet and spun around a bit, stomping like a child in a rainy puddle. It was great until the sheet got really heavy and waterlogged. Then I realised I'd probably not have a dry sheet that evening. But I felt better nonetheless.

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