Saturday, 12 November 2011


I am so angry right now I actually feel like I could cry. Of course, I'm being self-indulgent and actually have very little reason to cry. BUT I WANT TO ANWYAY. I CAN BE IRRATIONAL IF I WANT. See, the problem is that I only have about 5 really good friends that I see every day. For some stupid reason the majority are of the inferior sex. Consequently, for the past two days these witless monkeys have all been playing some awful new video game which has just been released. Which would be fine, if they did that in the privacy of their own rooms, and maybe came out for a chat once in a while. But alas. Instead they've locked themselves away with Skyrim whilst I've been bored, watching shit tv on my own. And whenever they do come out of their caves they insist on conversing with each other about the game, and only the game. I've had to endure conversations about new weapons and destroying dragons and talking dogs and one-handed skill levels. I seriously need new friends.

And all this just makes me annoyed with myself for being so useless at keeping myself entertained on my own, and for just completely forgetting to get into the X-factor this year. What a terrible lack of forward planning.

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  1. Maybe you should be playing Skyrim, instead complaining about your boss friends having more fun than you.